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"He who loves the book, he will never feel the lack of a devoted friend, the saving advisor, cheerful companion, the actual comforter. Reading, learning, thinking, innocent people can entertain themselves and spend their leisure time at all times and for all contingencies of fate "- Isaac Barrow. Saying so completely that to argue about this makes no sense. It remains sincerely regret the people who do not communicate with the books. How much in a limited and gray world they live. Life is an enthusiastic reader on emotion can be compared to the life of a traveler. The traveler receives the impressions of his adventures. He always gets acquainted with new countries, cities, peoples and their traditions. The reader is doing the same thing, without leaving home. In addition to all he gets the opportunity to travel not only really existing countries, but also in the universe, and in the underwater world. Books are so widely pushing the space in front of us that sometimes breathtaking. But apart from the adventure, you learn to investigate the crimes, along with renowned detectives, to experience feelings of love in the most vivid and pure colors. Reading the book, you learn to live rich, vibrant and full life.

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